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Mainline officially formed in 2018 by Anthony Schettino (Bass), Johnny Iodice (Lead Singer and Guitarist), and Devin Reck (Lead Guitar) when they found Mason Servedio (Drums) to join the band. Previously Johnny and Anthony had been playing and looking to form a band with each other since 2015, and found Devin in 2017. They all had a common interest in the same bands, and wanted to write their own songs and play them at shows. With that they found Mason online and thought he sounded like a perfect fit for the band. The first time they played with each other, the chemistry was there and Mainline was born. Although, Mainline wasn't the first name they settled on, they officially changed their name in 2019.

Mainline's goal is to bring rock music back to the forefront, and to combine the classic sound that influenced them, with modern rock elements to keep their music fresh. They write what they would want to hear on the radio and in concert.

The first single released was 'Open Fire', which came out in December 2019 and later appeared on their self-titled EP 'Mainline'. Open Fire was the first song written since the 4 of them got together as a band. They began writing throughout 2019 and started the recording process in November that same year. Some of the songs came from ideas they had previously, others were brand new ideas written specifically for the EP, which then came out February 21, 2020.

Since then, Mainline has released two new singles, 'The Red Line' and 'The Unholy Idol', from their upcoming album. The writing process began in February 2020, and they were able to start recording some of the songs in August 2020. The full album is due later this year (2021), and they plan on playing many shows in support of it.

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