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Mainline was officially formed at the end of 2018 when Anthony Schettino (Bass) and Johnny Iodice (Lead Singer and Guitarist) completed the lineup of the band with Devin Reck on Guitar and Mason Servedio on Drums. Previously Johnny and Anthony had been playing with each other and looking to start a band since 2015, then when they found Devin at a mutual music school in 2017 it all started to come together more. They all had common interests in music styles, and wanted to write their own songs to play at shows. The first time the 4 of them played with each other, the chemistry was there and Mainline was born.

Mainline's goal is to bring rock music back to the forefront, and to combine the classic sound that influenced them, with modern rock elements to keep their music fresh. They write what they would want to hear on the radio and in concert.

The first single released was 'Open Fire', which came out in December 2019 and later appeared on their self-titled EP 'Mainline'. Open Fire was the first song written since the 4 of them got together as a band. They began writing throughout 2019 and started the recording process in November that same year. Some of the songs came from ideas they had previously, others were brand new ideas written specifically for the EP, which then came out February 21, 2020. When the pandemic hit, everyone was forced in and not playing shows so they began working on new music for what was supposed to be another EP, but then turned into an album due to the amount of material written.

On October 1, 2021 Mainline released their first full length album entitled 'The Unholy Idol'. Since then, they played some notable shows around the tristate area with Corey Glover from Living Colour, Don Jamieson from Vh1's That Metal Show, Tantric, and Randy Jackson from Zebra!

The current lineup of the band now includes Ryan Hartell on guitar, who auditioned promptly after Devin left the band at the beginning of 2022. Mainline will be hitting the road this coming summer to promote their album with the current lineup.


In Nothing We Trust (Single)

Available now on all streaming platforms!

Released November 4, 2022

The Unholy Idol

Available now on all streaming platforms and CD!

Released October 1, 2021

Track List:

  1. Sanctum (4:09)

  2. Out of the Shadows (4:29)

  3. The Red Line (4:20)

  4. A Distant Memory (5:41)

  5. The Unholy Idol (6:14)

  6. Cold Sweat (3:29)

  7. Out of Time (5:12)

  8. Hunter And The Hunted (4:10)

  9. OP31 (1:00)

  10. No Warnings, No Signs (9:47)

Mainline - EP

Released February 21, 2020

Track Listing:

  1. Hide in the Shadows

  2. Open Fire (Single)

  3. High Roller

  4. Cryptonym (575)

  5. Last Rites

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